Had a liquid damaged macbook air and firstly went to a place where they inspected it and quoted me an amount that was so much that I might as well have bought a new macbook and furthermore told me it would be 5-10 days for repair , called NZC technologies and they were so friendly and helpful about my situation as i was in the middle of study break for exams and really needed my laptop fixed and they assured me over the phone that the repair would be under $1000 as well as getting it done in 1 day so i could start study quickly and they didnt charge me an inspection fee as they knew i already had gone through the hassle and payed for one at the first place, Highly recommend NZC tech , super friendly and efficient !


I thought my laptop was dead. I have a 2013 McBook Air 13′. the touchpad and keyboard didn’t work + the fan was on, like crazy and at the end I couldn’t even turn it on. I went first to OOBE to get it repaired and they said I need to change the logic board and the price was equal the cost of a new laptop….so i said no.
then someone recommended me NZ C Technologies and really there were incredible. Friendly, efficient and fast on the reparation. Still expensive but half price from OOBE quote. No regrets. thank you guys. Noria


I had a macbook pro that wouldn’t boot, and these guys were a HUGE help in getting it repaired. They quickly assessed the laptop, and advised that the laptop can be repaired by Apple because it would be free under warranty. They continue to help manage the rest of the repair process for me, and kept me up to date throughout the process, until the laptop was back in my hands in working order.

Highly recommend, extremely helpful and professional.